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Pictures and video attached to Luxe observer's emotions (Sharings) are approved and published by each Luxe observer member under our agreed TERMS & CONDITIONS 

Some of our pictures and content are published with a valid right from a third party to use the material on the Sites. We wish here to specifically thank the luxury brands that have agreed with this cooperation. 

Some other pictures and content may be published thanks to public releases that are free of right. 

All our gratitude to our contributors, luxe observers, and luxury brands for their cooperation.


Special thanks to the very first ones who shared our passion, believed in our project and jumped in: 




Very special thanks to those individuals, professionals, friends, family who brought patience, ideas, advice, support, all passionate in their skills, involved in this human and virtual adventure:

Thank you Alice, Annabele, Amaury, Aude, Benoit, Caroline, Charles, Chloe,  Clémence, Clément, Diane, Elaine, Erwan, Fabrice, François, Gaëtane, Guilhem,  Hacene, Herbert, Hubert, Ilya,  Isabelle, Jacques, James, Jean, Jennifer, Laurence, Laurent, Maëlys, Marc, Marie, Marine, Michel , Muriel, Nathalie, Nicolas, Olivier,  Patrice, Pierre, Sébastien, Simon, Sophie, Tamie, Thomas, Xavier, Yi… 

And a special dedication to the very first Luxolites: Sam and Roy! 

Thank you! It's just a start!

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