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Why sharing an experience?

Because your opinion matters! To know better, to choose smarter.


Because each voice, each experience is precious and deserves to be made visible in a space dedicated to it without parasite and without being drowned in the mass. 

Because each experience is unique but also likely to allow other luxury enthusiasts to relate to it. 

Because we all want to know if we are the only one to encounter a product defect.

Because, all together, our feedback improve the quality of services, therefore your next experiences as well as that of other members.


- How to share an experience?

Nothing's easier ! Click on Share my Experience and follow the thread. In two steps and a few clicks!


Learn more about the method


- What to do if I cannot find the store/place?

Check to have correctly entered the  brand name and/ or city under the question  Where? in the search tool. If you still can not find the shop, do not hesitate to contact us via the page Send a Feedback located at the bottom of the home page and describe us your problem.


- Why is the experience that I just shared immediately visible on the page My Last Experiences yet neither visible on the page of the place concerned nor in the top 10?

That is due to you having immediate access to all the content that you shared since you are the author and as such only you can consult them, be it that your shared experiences are then validated or rejected. To guarantee the authenticity and benevolence of shared experiences, they are moderated and can not be published instantly.


- Why can not I change my experience once I've approved it?

Because we think that once published, your expeirence should not be modified. But you're right, it's annoying to let typos slip! So we are working on a new version that will allow you to edit the content after being approved from your My Last Experiences page.


- Why was my experience rejected?

Luxe Observer operates a moderation of experiences before publishing them to guarantee their authenticity, sincerity and respect of the principles of courtesy. If it appears that your experience is incoherent, questionable and therefore violates our terms of use so it is rejected. To know more about our general conditions, it's here. All about the method? It's here!


  • My Account Information: 


- Why creating an account?

Because the content published on Luxe Observer is made exclusively for its community. This is a way to ensure quality and authenticity of its content and to reserve this space only to those who feed it and can recognise themselves in a community akin to the luxury world. 

Here, no parasites, no filters, no fake official pages. 

Advice, tips, information by and for real enthusiasts.


- What is the information of my account used for?

They allow us to personalise our communication with you, to offer you appropriate content and to improve your luxe observer experience.


-What is public in My information?

The only thing that is public is your luxe observer's username and your profile picture. All other information are private to you.


- Why can not I change my username or e-mail address?

Because this data is part of your credentials that are unique and ensure the security of your account. If you need help, tell us about your problem by clicking on the Send Feedback at the bottom of the home page.


- Do I have a right to access this information?

Yes of course, just click on the link Send a Feedback at the bottom of the HOME PAGE and mention your request here.


- Can I delete my account?

It would be a shame to lose you... You must click on the link Send a Feedback at the very bottom of the home page  and mention your request. Please tell us at least why so we know how to improve!


- How does Luxe Observer manage the security of my account?

Luxe Observer uses encryption methods and generates SSL certificates, some information such as your password is of course not visible and accessible to our teams.


- I signed up with my account on a social network that I deleted since, can I still sign in to Luxe Observer and how?

It's simple, you can keep your Luxe Observer account even if it was created with a deleted account from a social media. 

On your next login, do not click the social network icon but log in by entering the same email address as the one used for your social media account and we will offer you to generate a new password. If you need help, click on the Send a Feedback link at the bottom of the home page and describe your problem. There is always a solution!


- Why can not I use my luxury brand professional  e-mail address?

Luxe observer membership is not professional but personal. 

When sharing experiences and opinions you’re personally engaged and you can’t behave on behalf of the luxury brand you are working for.


- What is the geolocation purpose?

It allows us to send you all the relevant information on the places that are closest to you. It reduces your search area size and search time by locations and shops.


- I was banned! Do I have a recourse?

There are rules at Luxe Observer to ensure the quality of browsing for all of our users. If you have been banned it is that you have, on many occasions, shared emotions and / or used Luxe Observer in violation of our terms of use. We warned you several times but you persisted ... Whose fault is it? In exceptional situations, there is always a solution. You can try to describe what went wrong by clicking on the Send Feedback link at the very bottom of the home page.


  • Top 10 Sharings:


- Following which criteria is the Top 10 selected?

The top 10 is a selection of best scores for the top and worst for the flop  ranked first by scores and then chronologically. No commercial relationship with one of the luxury houses or their shops intervenes in this ranking, it is the strength of Luxe Observer. Every voice is precious, exclusive and visible!


  • My precious codes & My Favourites:


- What's the point of those features?

Your valuable codes allow you to reference your sizes according to the favourite brands you have chosen in the My Favourites section. This allows you to save time during a visit to the store when choosing your size, without necessarily having to try the chosen model. 

You can also keep track of your preferred stores, products, colors... or disliked ones...

And you can totally do the same for your beloved ones under My darlings section



Help! I was not able to find here my question

We are always happy to help:  click on the Send a Feedback link at the bottom of the home page


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