Luxe: French noun, what is sumptuous, exceptional, gorgeous, sophisticated. 


Observer: noun, a person who sees and notices, a witness, a commentator, somebody who attends to an event to report.


Luxe Observer is the Voice of Precious individuals. 

Because your opinion matters.


Be aware! 

With Luxe Observer you Sign up for free and you share experiences and advise: 

You know better, you choose smarter. 



You share your experiences, advice, emotions in the Luxury world with like-minded individuals. 

Experiences are about services and products labelled under deLuxe or Privileged. Its solely area is Luxury. 

Where excellence is expected, you deserve to feedback, to be seen and listened to. 



Get advice on global luxury brands, their stores and places, their iconic products, relevant information around 200 brands worldwide and about 15.000 addresses, selected by themes. 

Luxe Observer is a lookout and eases to spot the best places with its search by keywords and its geolocation system.

Luxe Observer refers to Labels, Brands and Companies only if they are present all around the world and if the sold items or services are labelled “deLuxe”, “Privileged”, “Premium”, art crafted or delivered with a special know-how. 

No parasite, no fake officiel pages, no sponsors, not lost in the crowd. Authenticity, visibility, sincerity.


Do good!

Who said Luxury was trivial? Thanks to your sharing you help all luxe observers in their luxury shopping experiences, you help luxury brands improve the quality of their services,  therefore your satisfaction, but that's not all!

While sharing an experience you do good thanks to our involvement program. Read more about our involvement here

The more you join us, the more you share your experiences, the more we can support the children.


Use your codes and favourites! 

Did you know that sizes vary from a brand to another one? 

With luxe observer you keep the record of your favourite brands, your sizes per brand, your favourite places, products, notes and ideas for gifting, trends, preferences. 

And you can do the same for your beloved ones

From the sizes pages, assistance is given with its sizes guide per countries which refers to real measurements. 


Get price information! 

More than a GPS in the luxury world, Luxe Observer will provide soon a price indicator with retail prices (including sale taxes if any) and with taxes maximum refund, for selected items you can travel with. An exchange rate between currencies will be provided. 

Luxe Observer’s team is currently polishing this feature. 


Happy? Disappointed? Suggestion? Insider tip? Share always! 

Because your voice is precious, Luxe Observer focuses on your opinion. 

Your reviews are related to a place or a boutique, and the worst and best ones are highlighted in our TOP 10. 

Several tools are used to guaranty the authenticity of shared testimonies. All reviews are posted by our members and we put all our efforts to avoid impolite, offensive, false testimonies. Ranking, rates, comments are not Luxe Observer’s opinion about a place, it is what real clients and visitors, members of our Luxe Observer community, have posted about the place. And this is why it is useful. 

Opinion’s ranking and places highlights are not based on a commercial relation with a brand, a place, a store referenced in Luxe Observer, it’s only the results of what is shared by Luxe Observer members. 



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