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The idea of the founders was to sell cars but they finally decided to make their own vehicles. The fist car named Aston Martin was produced in 1915, but World War I stopped the activities. Re founded after the war, the cars were on competitions and were recorded the world speed and endurance in 1922. The factory has been closed twice, in 1924 and in 1926. Augustus Bertelli and several bought the company and mostly developed open two-seater sports cars until 1937. The classic "DB" series starts in 1947, with Sir David Brown, also owner of Lagonda which merges with the company. The "DB" years from 1947 to 1972 marked a good racing signature as well as the "Grand Touring" style. Unfortunately, Aston Martin's history is made of financial issues, and the company is resold twice in the begining of the 1970's. However, much more than successful, mythic car model are created, such as Vantage, Volante, and Lagonda. In 2007, Aston Martin is sold again to a consortium. Aston Martin is member of the WALPOLE BRITISH LUXURY ASSOCIATION.

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The DBs

Who could ignore Aston Martin is the iconic James Bond's car? In the DB serie: DB5, DBS and DB10 - also the V8 and the Vanquish.
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