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The Baume & Mercier is founded in 1830 in the village of “Les Bois” in France by the Baume brothers. Praised for the quality and the unmatchable precision of its timepieces, the brand meets a rapid success. Willing to expand to new places, a branch is settled in London in 1851 under the name of “Baume Brothers”. This allows the brand to expand through the British Empire and to earn an International aura. In 1918, the director of Baume Brothers partners with Paul Mercier and together, they found Baume & Mercier in Geneva. They begin the production of wristwatch, when the production of Baume Brothers was Pocket watch only. During the Roaring Twenties, Baume & Mercier embraces the emancipation of women, and launches multiple wristwatch collections dedicated to ladies. In the following decades, Baume & Mercier will continue to expand and add new collections to its catalogue. In 1988, the brand joins the Richemont group. Lately, Baume & Mercier has launched a new brand: “Baume”, a more affordable brand dedicated to a younger audience, proposing extended personalisation of its models to suit the envy of its customer. Baume & Mercier is one of the exhibitors of the SIHH. Baume & Mercier doesn't have its own boutiques and can only be found at retailer shops.

Iconic Product


This rectangular watch is a tribute to the first wristwatch produced by Baume & Mercier in the 1920s, which also had a rectangular shape, going against the traditional round shape so broadly used back then.
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