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Bell & Ross, founded in 1992, by two friends, Bruno Belamich and Carlos A.Rosillo, is the successful consequence of a University project. Both wanted to produce a watch which could endure extreme situations and would be used by professionals in their missions, with a clear design to ensure high readability and functionality. Starting from a partnership with a German manufacturer - Sinn - they began to develop their own watches such as the Bell & Ross Bomb Disposal Type, made for Bomb diffuser. Not only making watches for the Special forces, they also designed the Hydro Challenger, a wristwatch which remained fully functional at 11’100 meters deep in the sea; as well as the Space 3, the first automatic chronometer watch worn by astronauts. Later, Chanel International B.V. purchased a large number of shares of the Company. Nowadays, the design is inspired by the military, the diving and the air plane world keeping the focus on a watch displaying only the essential to access all information in a glimpse. The Headquarters are located in Paris, while the production is based in La Chaux-de-fonds in Switzerland.

Iconic Product


This singular watch has its design taken directly from aviation world, with the aim to be reliable, easy to read and functional. The watch is highly inspired from the multiple “instrumentation block” found in old cockpits displaying all sorts of information necessary to the pilot.
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