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Brunello Cucinelli launches his own garment company in 1978. Seeing Benetton’s colourful sweaters in wool, he decided to make colourful knitwear for women made of high quality cashmere. He focuses on high end & luxury production. The creations meet a rapid success, the brand being praised for the quality of its products. The company expands with a men’s line in 1994 and the first Brunello Cucinelli boutique is launched in Porto Cervo. Brunello Cucinelli will constantly increase the number of boutiques all over the world, diversify the production using other materials, and launch a shoe line in 2009. In 2012, the house is introduced on Milan’s stock market. Brunello Cucinelli has a status of star in Italy, being known not only for the success of his brand and products, but more importantly for his generosity, philanthropy brought to a philosophy within the company. In 1987, he transfers his headquarters in a castle after its complete renovation, and he has since completely renovated the whole village of Solomeo in Italy, adding a church, an academy for arts and know-how as well as a theatre. 20% of the profits of the firms are reserved exclusively to finance caritative and cultural activities and the house is supporting many NGO dedicated to humanitarian causes. The company has won countless awards for the quality and the energy dedicated to the well-being of its staff members. As a consequence, Brunello Cucinelli is known as ” the humanist entrepreneur” or “the Franciscan capitalist”. A real inspiring success and a human story. The house is member of the Foundation Altagamma.

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Brunello Cucinelli is known as the "king of cashmere". With 40 years of experience, its production was for decades cashmere exclusive and still produces today some of the best if not the best cashmere for garments.
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