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The story begins in 1881, when Sotirios Voulgaris, a Greek silversmith, opens in Rome several goldsmith and antiques shops. Sotirios Voulgaris starts developping jewellery in 1910. Post World War II views the birth of the celebrated style of the brand stamped by cabochon cut usage, by round and smouth shapes, by colored gems used for their color, not for their value. The Dolce Vita Years of Cinecitta studios bring a clientele of american actress, and Liz Taylor will become the ambassadress of the Brand. The company diversifies its production in the 1990s and is listed on the Italian stockmarket. LVMH becomes its parent company in 2011. U letter of Bvlgari is a V conforming to the traditional Latin alphabet. Bvlgari is member of FONDAZIONE ALTAGAMMA.

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The Serpenti was 1st created as a wristwatch in the 1940s and became a symbol of the Brand. It is now declined in bracelets, necklaces , rings, and earings. The design is inspired by Greco-Roman heritage. Liz Taylor promoting "Cleopatra" in 1962, wearing a Serpenti, promoted as well the watch.
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