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Since its foundation in 1888, De Beers Consolidated Mines is a leading company in the diamond production. In 1939, the company introduced the "4Cs', first system ever to evaluate and grade diamonds. The "4Cs" are today the common reference for diamonds in the jewlery international business. The company, focused on controlling the global market of rough diamonds, holds nowadays less than half of the market share. In 2001, De Beers Diamond Jeweller is formed as a joint venture between De Beers Group of Companies and LVMH. De beers has recently acquired LVMH shares. De Beers diamond jewellers owns 30 boutiques all over the world.

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Diamond is for ever | 4Cs

Diamond : 1947, the company came up with its well known base line : "Diamond are forever". | 1st diamond grading system introducing the 4 Cs (carat - cut - color - clarity)
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