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Galerie Bartoux was founded by Robert Bartoux in Honfleur in 1993, after exhibitions in public areas such as train stations, airports, malls. His will is to bring art to people, to promote art as "a journey invitation", a pleasure to brighten individual's life. This is why he opened galleries in places of leisure, as Honfleur is. His focus is opposite to inacessible art devoted to an "elite" and "opaque and too intellectualised" works. Robert Bartoux brought in his adventure several members of his family, still writing the family saga of artdealers.

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BEAUNE Marché aux vins

In France, in the historical and renowned heart of Beaune, Gallerie Bartoux opens a space where Pop art and Street art are represented as well as some master pieces, inside a 15th century architecture "wine market". Wine and artworks are both a creation process visitors can discover in this exceptional place.
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