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The house known as Graff is officially Graff Diamonds Ltd. Laurence Graff, OBE, began his apprenticeship in gemmology at the Schindler workshop, a jeweller from East London. He is so involved in jewellery and gemmology that he opens its first boutique at the age of 24. He travels the world to find large and extravagant gemstones, he develops then an international clientele and his house becomes one of the most important ones in England. In 1973 he was honoured with the Queen's Award Industry and Export, making him the first jeweller to receive this award. He was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2013. Fabulous and large diamonds, often called Graff, is the DNA of this famous house. Very recently, the company has launched "Graff luxury watches" : time-pieces have a triangular cut diamond instead of 12.

Designer Artistic Director


Anna Eva GEFFROY is the artistic director at Graff Diamonds Ltd, the French lady creates what she calls "a universe for the stones".

Iconic Product

Graff Wittelsbach Diamond

Graff acquirred the Wittelsbach Diamond in 2008. Dark blue coloured, royal gem since the 15th century, originally of 35.56 carats, the diamond is well known for is highest price and also because Graff's cut was discussed. This cut has highlighted the diamond to prefect purity and intense colour, but the diamond lost 4 carats.
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