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Harry Winston began working in his father’s jewellery from his very young age in New York. Starting his own business in 1920, he opens his first boutique in 1932 in New York. At the origin of the success is the purchase of Arabella Huntington’s jewellery collection, which stones have been used to design a new fancy collection. He designs jewels depending on the gemstone, and adaptating the metal settings, to highlight the stones. "Diamonds are girl's best friend" song in "Gentlemen prefer blondes" celebrates Harry Winston's reputation with its famous "Talk to me Harry Winston!". Harry Winston was known to own the 2nd largest collection of historic jewels, the British Royal family being the 1st one. After Harry Winston's death in 1978, his two sons struggled to lead the company. The house is sold to Swatch group in 2014.

Iconic Product

The Hope Diamond

The Hope diamond, also knwon as Le Bijou du Roi is of historical interest, as an old gemstone from India, being owned by King Louis XIV, and so called when owned by a London banking family in the 1930s. In 1949, Harry Winston acquires the Hope from the socialite Mrs Evalyn Walsh McLean. This antique cushion cut diamond is exceptional for its Fancy dark Grayish blue colour or "Bleu de France", and its size 45.52 carats. After a decade, Harry Winston decides to donate this treasure to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958. It is visible at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.
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