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In 1831, Benjamin Harvey first opened a lingerie shop at a house in London and grew rapidly. In 1941 he employed James Nichols, who afterwards married in 1848 his niece Anne Beale. After the death of Benjamin, James and Anne created Harvey Nichols & Co. In 1873 after the death of his 2 parents, Benjamin Charles Harvey is the sole owner of the company. He directly expanded the company by buying a new building in 1874. Then in 1889 he destroyed the building to make way for a new purpose-built department store. In 1975 on the 5th floor of the building opens a restaurant that will have immediate success. In the 1980s, Harvey Nichols made a name for himself by taking risks with new designers and encouraging them to create mixed collections. In 1991 the company was bought by Dickson Concepts, later the store underwent a refurbishment and new café, restaurants and food market opened on the 5th floor. They are connected to a unique express lift, which allowed the restaurants to remain open even after the closing hours of the store. This concept was revealed very popular. Today Harvey Nichols has 16 stores located all over the world

Designer Artistic Director

Deborah Bee

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