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In 1986, during a trip to New York, Andrea Della Valle notices that many New Yorkers wore sneakers to go to the office, then would swap for smarter shoes once there. He then wonders if he could make a pair of sneakers you wouldn’t have to swap when arriving in office, casual enought to run to the office, and smart enough to keep them. Hogan was born. Complementary to Tod’s signature of formal and elegant shoes, Hogan offers the smart sporty pieces designed for a younger audience without compromising with quality and design. It is said that its design was inspired by the cricket. The Company will diversify into providing accessories and also fashion, notably having made a partnership with Karl Lagerfeld. The maison proposes to personalise your shoes with "Hogan by you".

Iconic Product


First H signature on the side of the shoe, created in 1997.
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