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Edouard BLANCHARD founded the maison at Limoges in 1891. His son Eugène joins the Company soon, coming back from the United States of America, where he learnt production methods and sewing Technics. Since, Eugène decides to reduce the production of shoes, and his partnership with Jean VIARD, the Parisian dandy, drives Weston to its DNA : high quality, know-how and Parisian elegance. The brand "J M Weston" is patented and the very first boutique opens in Paris in 1922. The loafer becomes, in the sixties, symbolism of chic but rebellious, bare feet worn with a pair of jeans. Jean-Louis DESCOURS acquires the house in 1974, continues its success by incorporating a tannery and a small shoemaker company specialised in boots, supplying the Garde Républicaine. Its international expansion is solemnly marked by the opening of a store in the United States of America, in New York, in 1986. Years 2000 see Michel Perry joining the Company as its Artistic Director, as well as several cooperation with artists and brands for limited editions. The brand's name comes from the town of Weston (Massachusetts) where Eugène was trained.

Designer Artistic Director


Iconic Product

Mocassin 180

Born in 1946 this is the cult loafer, elegant and chic. Over shoe sizes and 1/2 shoe sizes, 3 to 7 different widths are offered.
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