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In 1838 the brothers Paul and Justin Videau open "Au Bon Marché" which is in the form of a large shop. In 1852, they team up with Aristide Boucicaut and begin to develop the concept of department store. In 1862 the Boucicaut bought the shares of the two brothers. In 1869 he will enlarge the store and in 1877 he will have 1788 employees and more than 50000 m2 of surface. The store will try to attract female clients by innovating and creating the first women's toilet, also making the first commercials and sending more than 6 million fashion catalogs. It was also very innovative at the social level: He created the first day of holidays and pension funds. The store was bought in 1985 by the LVMH group. It has nowadays a bigger focus on luxury.

Designer Artistic Director

Bodenes Frederic


Au Bonheur Des Dames

Zola's famous book about the shopping frenzy in department stores from late 19th century Paris. He modeled the store "Au Bonheur des Dames" based Le Bon Marché.
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