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Louis Vuitton creates his Company and opens his 1st store in Paris 4 rue Neuve des Capucines. He strategically settles his workshop nearby the river Seine, in Asnières, in 1859, to benefit from inland waterway transport. Louis Vuitton understands the means of demanding and wealthy clients, their new habits when travelling. He adapts his trunks to follow this transportation changes driven by quality, functionality and luxury. He is the first one to change the shape of his trunks, making them flat and rectangular, so that you could stack them. His son, Georges, brings the Company oversea in the 1880s with a 1st store in London, then New York and Philadelphia. Being copied is the price of success. Therefore, the company, as a must, registers its trademark and decides to use a brown and beige Damier canvas pattern to distinguish its products. At the same time, in 1896, Georges creates the famous monogram LV and the waterproof canvas both patented worldwide. It is said that the pattern was inspired by the glazed tiles made in Gien situated in the kitchen of the family house, a tribute to the founder. It is when Bernard Arnaud takes control of the company that the maison expands to fashion, accessories, jewellery, watchmaking and couture, in 1989. Since then Bernard Arnaud has built the most powerful global luxury group known as LVMH (LV for Louis Vuitton & MH for Moët Hennessy) where LV stands as its royal jewel. Visiting Louis Vuitton’s family house, now a museum, in Asnières sur Seine, is the best way to understand 150 years of LV's fantastic history. The maison is member of the COMITÉ COLBERT.

Designer Artistic Director

Nicolas Ghesquière

Virgil Abloh is the Artistic Director for the men collections.

Iconic Product


LA PETITE MALLE designed by Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquière as a tribute to the origins of the maison, iconical as the soul of the house. Traveling is more than a word. It is, since the beginning of Louis Vuitton's story its DNA with tailor made trunks, and its famous monogrammed leather.
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