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Porsche is now a reference in the luxury car industry with ever more innovative, top-of-the-range products. The adventure began in 1931 with its creation in Germany by Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferry Porsche. The brand is known for its racing cars and will keep this sporting spirit as its models develop, which will create an attraction for luxury customers who love speed and worked finishes. The brand diversified in 2002 with the launch of its first SUV model, the Cayenne. It will be followed by its little brother the Macan in 2014 which are best-sellers. Porsche sales are good despite a poor financial operation that began in 2005 and ended with the brand's merger with the Volkswagen group in 2012. Porsche is now achieving its best historical sales figures by combining the DNA of a prestigious brand with a know-how that has been perpetuated for nearly a century.

Designer Artistic Director

Michael MAUER

Michael Mauer, a car designer, is the Porsche Chief Designer at Porsche since 2004. He draws his inspiration every day from the world around him, such as consumer products, furniture, fashion and materials, to develop his creativity.

Iconic Product


If Porsche is linked with numbers, 911 is iconic with 7 generations of 911 since 1963 Heritage of the 563, the car should have been 901 but Peugeot had already registered all 3 numbers with 0 in the middle. It is unique that in 55 years the "fastback" design is still present.
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