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Founded in Cologne in 1898, the luggage and leather goods maker became well known for its innovative and high-quality luggage. Richard Morszeck and his father Paul were the owners of the manufacturing company for suitcases when a fire destroyed all the materials used for production except for the aluminium stock. In 1937, Richard consequently created the first suitcase made entirely from aluminium, which offered the combined advantages of high durability with low weight. In 1950, the brand produces the first aluminium suitcase with grooves. Dieter Morszeck, son of Richard, creates the first waterproof light-weight metal case in 1976. Eventually, the brand revolutionises the industry by using polycarbonate for the first time in luggage production in 2000. It's in 2016 that Rimowa becomes part of the LVMH family.

Designer Artistic Director


After Ferndi, a special collaboration with Virgil ABLOH to launch a transparent suitcase

Iconic Product


In the 1950s, inspired by the aviation industry, the luggage receives an aluminium groove and becomes immediately recognizable from any other luggage. 70 years later, the design hasn’t changed much and remain the emblematic of the RIMOWA products.
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