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Before the creation of the 1st boutique in 1937 at PARIS 22 rue Royale, Mistinguette and Joséphine Baker were the very first clients and Roger Vivier would design their custom-made shoes. The success is just around the corner while the shoe-maker designs for renowned fashion houses, provides a special order from Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II: her shoes for her coronation in 1953. The same year, he designs a pair of shoes for Marlene Dietrich which design with a "boule" at the bottom of the heel is still present in current collections (La Dorsay Sphère Papillon). A unique cooperation is settled with Christian Dior and Roger Vivier becomes the shoe designer for the Maison Dior. Roger Vivier has always been seeking for elegance, creativity, innovation while designing. He would see a pair of shoes as a sculpture, not far away from his studies at Beaux Arts Paris. He is the very first one to include transparent vinyl in his creations in 1945. By increasing the heel eight from 6 to 8 cm he gives birth to the "talon Aiguile | Stiletto" in 1954. The choc heel and its specific curved shape is launched in 1959 after long searches. It is, with the square metal buckles created in 1965, Roger Vivier’s footprint and signature. Roger Vivier is the first maison to present a haute couture collection for accessories in 2007. The collection enhance shoes and bags with rare materials, gems with specific patterns and designs.

Designer Artistic Director


Ines de la Fressange is the brand ambassador

Iconic Product

Choc | Belle Vivier

The Choc heel with its curved shape since 1959 is the maison's signature. Simple line, elegance combined with comfort makes it a must have. | The Belle Vivier is recognisable with its square metal buckle, declined in various colours and styles since its early creation in 1967, while they have been worn by Catherine Deneuve in "Belle de Jour".
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