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Hans Wilsdorf is 24 when he founds his watch distribution company in London in 1904 with his brother-in-law Alfred Davis. From the beginning of his adventure, Wilsdorf aims to produce wristwatches, because at the time these watches are not very precise. He sees the possibility of turning them into a reliable and elegant accessory. In 1926, Rolex launched the first watch completely waterproof and dustproof: the Oyster. Its name comes from its particularity of being as hermetic as an oyster, it guarantees an optimal protection of the movement. To promote this model, Wilsdorf has the idea to offer Mercedes Gleitze to wear an Oyster during his swim across the Channel, it was an incredible and innovative marketing success. Rolex wants to put its watches to the test first by equipping a crew that will fly over Everest and then by associating with Malcolm Campbell for his speed records driving his Bluebird, Florida Daytona Beach. Even today, Rolex has been able to remain independent and perpetuate its know-how for more than 100 years.

Iconic Product

La Submariner

Rolex designed the Submariner in 1953, this is the first waterproof diving watch up to 100 meters. It is recognizable by its rotating bezel, an innovative, which allows divers to know their immersion time in order not to be lack of oxygen.
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