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Sotheby's is one of the leading sales auction companies in the world. It's name is very often associated with Christie's, and not only for historical reasons. The story of the company begins in 1774 while Samuel Baker, his founder, performs a sale auction of manuscripts belonging to Sir John Stanley in London. His nephew and heir, John Sotheby, pursue the story and sales Napoleon's library brought to Saint Helena and a few other large libraries. 50s and 60s mark the extension of the company, first in New York then in Paris and Los Angeles, bringing its international reputation. A decade later Sotheby's is the 1st auctioneer to open in Hong Kong, and a few years later in Moscow. As well as Christie's, the company has been involved in Price fixing scandal in 2000s. The company is a pioneer in digital services, introducing MySotheby's, Bidnow, LiveBid, and iCollect.

Iconic Product

Unique Pink diamond | Picasso Femme au béret

A world sale record to the "Unique Pink" diamond, exceptionnal gemme of 15.38 carats, Fancy vivid pink diamond, sold in Geneva in May 2016 for US$ 32 million . On the master pieces side the world sale record is Femme au béret et à la robe quadrillée by Pablo Picasso which was bought US$67 million in London, March 2018.
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