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An Italian family saga that begins with Filippo Della Valle in the shoemaking business out of a basement in the late 1920s. From the workshop managed then by his son Dorino Della Valle, his grandson and Dorino’s eldest son, Diego Della Valle expands the Company to a factory that starts manufacturing shoes for American department stores in the 1970s. Diego, still Chairman and CEO of the company, brings in innovative marketing strategies in the early 1980s, while keeping the handmade manufacturing process. During a trip in New York, Della Valle went across a pair of driving shoes, uncomfortable to wear and of very poor quality. Back in Italy he starts working on improving the concept of driving shoes, it in every possible ways, choosing soft suede leather, improving the design and flexibility of the shoe. He decides to add 133 little rubber pebbles on the sole to enhance both the grip while driving and the overall comfort of the shoe. A feature which will give its name to the nowadays iconic shoe, the “gommini,”, which means “rubbers” in Italian. From tod’s success, Della Valle creates renowned brands Hogan and Fay. The group acquires Roger Vivier, the French luxury shoemaker for elegant ladies, in the mid1990s. The Della Valle family, owner of the luxury shoemaker brands, also has stakes in RCS MediaGroup, the football team Fiorentina and other companies. Member of FONDAZIONE ALTAGAMMA

Iconic Product

My Gommino

Not less than 133 pebbles for this comfortable nevertheless elegant shoe, nowadays customisable with the concept « My Gommino »
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