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We’d like to take a moment of our time to thank you for your unrelenting support since the beginning of our journey together. Our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed since we were recently featured by the leading high end fashion and lifestyle magazine Tatler: Luxury at your fingertips

We are 3 over thousands of Mobile apps on luxury lifestyle applications to be elected as the one  to be downloaded right now!

You, Luxe observer, have pretty well understood we were the only one to make your opinion matters, to enable like-minded friends share and acknowledge the real luxury life. 

Well, thank you Luxe observers to let us better know to choose smarter!

We are still working hard to improve your experience, and to provide you with compelling features down the road. Our lab is in fusion!

In the meantime, it's summertime! We would love you to keep posting reviews from your many travels in the world of luxury and to keep talking about us among your friends and relatives, be it  by recommending Luxe Observer  but only to close friends and seasoned fellows of our world.

For those that have not yet joined, you can still try  by signing up on the website or downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

We have a lot more to offer to you in the coming months, so stay alert and enjoy browsing for the time being!

If it happens you have suggestions: Any feedback is welcome here! We love it!

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