A figurine tour to increase visibility

Moncler just opened its renovated flagship on Canton Road in Harbour City, Kowloon.

The flagship store was inaugurated following the flash art-performance piece called Moncler | Destination Hong Kong. Over 10,000 Mr. Moncler - the brand's symbolic ambassador in 19 inches statuette form - were positioned in several locations around the city, animating the streets and sparking the curiosity of bystanders. 

The performance was centered around 5 symbolic locations for the brand - Tokyo, St. Moritz, Melbourne, Berlin, Los Angeles – as a starting point for Mr. Moncler to eventually reach Hong Kong in a figurative manner, with the aim to reduce the distances separating these cities. The cities were represented as road signs on the back of the jacket referencing to the mountainous origins of the brand. Moncler notably partnered with famous street artist Craig Costello to personalize 350 Mr Moncler which were gifted to visitors in selected locations around Hong Kong. This emphasis on inspirational art is featured in the exclusive collection available at the new flagship boutique, which also features the wide array of the brand’s products that nowadays ranges much further than ski-wear. 

That fashion versatility was highly recognizable during the very exclusive opening night of the boutique where the brand invited over 1000 guests, some wearing the brand’s signature jackets and enjoying a Costello signed Mr Moncler figurine. This is a staple example of how Moncler has been reinventing itself since its CEO Remo Ruffini bought the brand in 2003, which he changed from a breathless ski-wear company struggling to compete with the likes of Prada, Gucci or North Face to a once again iconic brand pushing a unique sense of lifestyle to greater heights. 

This most recent boutique opening in Hong Kong is only another stepping stone paving the way for the brand to gain more familiarity among its clients in the APAC region. It is also directly linked to Ruffini’s wish to expand the brand’s influence in Mainland China in the future, starting with Hong Kong as a more international hub to affirm the brand’s core identity. As of now, 40% of Moncler’s revenue originates from China and East Asia and should soon break the 50% bar in the coming years. 

Moncler is now putting forth a lot of effort towards digital presence and especially on WeChat where the brand aims at developing its marketing strategy and commercial platform with the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in sight. Remo Ruffini also stated recently that Moncler needed a strong physical presence in China, even among new millennial buyers due to the crucial role of boutiques in luxury.

The next few months will tell us how the future unravels for Moncler, so pay some precious attention to the innovative tactics the brand will offer to us.

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