The most "Summerish" boutique

Shall we define the September place of the month as a pop-up store or more as a welcoming vacation home? 

Indeed, Chanel’s summer ritual includes following the French Riviera move and mood with a seasonal pop up store in the heart of the Mediterranean coast. 

The Maison have introduced this seasonal perspective in 2009 and this year is no exception. 

In the middle of the emblematic  Saint Tropez village,  La Mistralée is nothing remotely close to what a boutique should look like. Located on n°1 of avenue du Général Leclerc, this sublime mansion is worth the visit in itself.

Inside, you will discover how the interior of the Chanel space has been entirely refurbished for the season, to accommodate the spring and summer collections in an innovative and aesthetical way, featuring the tribute to  the “métiers d’arts” collection, the Coco Crush jewellery collection  and the “Coco Beach de Chanel” capsule collection. More than a pop-up store, it ressembles to some sort of a private exhibition, a testimony of the know-how of the Maison. Not a shopping atmosphere, but a step into Chanel’s incredible world, an invitation to enter someone’s home, Chanel’s one, with the sole purpose of having an enjoyable and relaxing experience, one which goes way beyond the classical urban shopping experience.

Around the mansion lies the garden, another hidden gem. A mix of inspiration between two distinctive places. 

On one side, for the boutique, the docks of Hamburg’s port, Karl Lagerfeld’s home town, with its minimalist and geometric arrangements, black and white highlights, giving the place a nice sensation of space and serenity. 

In the garden,  an authentic southern touch highlighted by the luxurious vegetation treated in a contemporary design, as well as the panel of colours typically matching sunny atmospheres. In the middle of it, for refreshing  and calming the mood,  the big swimming pool is surrounded by elegant couches, the right place where to relax!

Open until end of october, this is an absolute must go, to become an insider of the brand and of Saint Tropez  treasures!

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