Elegance in Russian breeze

Chanel opened its Russian flagship store on Petrovka street in Moscow in 2011. 

The brand exhibits there its entire array of savoir-faire which includes travel accessories and luggage, ready-to-wear, jewelry, watches, leather goods, shoes, fragrances, accessories, plus artisanal workshops. 

The brand seemingly put a lot of emphasis on displaying a minimalistic atmosphere with abright white colour scheme for its walls and boutique display to complement an already colorful fashion collection. 

We invite our luxe observers that happen to visit or live in Moscow to give themselves the chance to experience the most paradigmatic atmosphere of Chanel’s brand as a whole, and share their precious emotions with us as a result. 

We are eager to learn how you felt about such an iconic display of the maison’s identitary elements and if it was a worthwhile experience. Enjoy and share your next emotion!

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