1997-2017 Colette now retired

Just this once, we are not going to highlight an opening. 

Colette, an iconic Parisian retailer, announced last year that it would be closing its doors for good on 20 December 2017. 

Chanel has been the concept pop-up store’s number one client for the past two decades and, naturally, could not bear to part ways with it without a final collaboration.

The high fashion brand teamed up with famous American rapper, Pharrell Williams, and sportswear brand Adidas, to mark the end of its partnership with Colette. Pharrell was given the opportunity to design his own Adidas sneaker, with Chanel typography included, of which only 500 pairs were released and sold exclusively at the Colette store for a limited period. The singer-songwriter has collaborated with Chanel before, but this is his first design for one of their products. The sneakers were originally priced at around US$1,160 but their resale price has since skyrocketed to over US$11,000. This partnership between four major names in the luxury market not only attracted the luxury collectors, but also aficionados that were nostalgic to see the closing of a beloved boutique.

A fitting homage for Colette who inspired the parisian youth's trends for years and whose legacy will be found among the right innovating luxury brands in time.

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