Celebrating 50 years and summer time: FOREVERES

This month is not about an opening, it's a celebration of summer.

Yes, it’s summer! Finally, the time to enjoy life outdoor has returned. Time to trade the jackets for linen shirts and the boots for espadrilles and sandals. What better way is there to enjoy summer than to detox our wardrobe. Then fill it to match with the return of the flourishing nature and blooming flowers. Summer, there probably isn’t a more ideal time to wear all  colourful clothes and accessories, Eres knows it.

To celebrate both the return of summer and their 50-year anniversary, Eres revived some of their classics, 5 cult pieces associated with specific colours.  Eres, this summer, has decided not only their swimwear should be colourful but their stores as well! 

Indeed, along the classical swimwear line, Eres brought back the exclusive colours that goes with it and decided to apply these unique tons to the boutique itself. So, if you spot a vivid and colourful boutique window while you’re strolling down some of the chic streets of the city you’re in chances you are staring at one of  “Foreveres” boutique. Make sure to come inside and check out the re-edited collections. Iconic design, extraordinar quality of the "Peau douce" material, amazing panel of colours, from flashy to classic ones, 

Don’t miss the

Navy blue:

It’s Eres Café, in the 8th arrondissement, Rue Tronchet, wearing white and navy colours to enjoy  coffee Parisian attitude 


While on the 6th arrondissement, stop at Rue du Cherche-Midi, as you enter the bright yellow boutique, you will travel to the Amalfi coast, the boutique being sport with beautiful flower decoration as well as lemon trees allowing. Refresh with a lemon juice while on your visit.


The beach club is at Avenue Montaigne,  with an Orange tone.

Blue de France:

 If you’re nearby Passy,  go have a look at the Movie-club boutique.


Reach the Marais, it will be hard to miss the flashy pink boutique, with street art covering the windows.

But be quick, they will only last  during the summer!

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