Yet a year of hard work, still a lot to share together

Swiftly unwinding after the joyful but exhausting times that are winter festivities, we took the time to sit down and look in retrospect at our 2017 year.

 It would be an understatement to tell you that the past year was crucial to us in order to bring our journey further down the road. In January, we first soft launched Luxe Observer, the website and not only! You can download the App on App store and Google play. Champagne! 

Your store locator was made operational with 6,000 boutiques all around world,  with a search by brand and places or a search by themes, and around 2,000 new places should be available soon. 

Plus, we aim to offer you new themes in 2018. Stay tuned!

Few releases rewarded several months of hard labour and numerous changes to answer to your beloved feedback. Warm thanks to our very first luxe observers. 

Our luxolite team expanded in the following months, and we are eager to welcome Mobile app developers in our excited agile lab. To apply, it's here

Luxury trends show your constant attraction to phygital deluxe journeys, If you are more than 100% connected, 91% of your purchases are made in physical boutiques. Europe and Asia are definitely leading Luxury experiences. You love sharing your experiences and you trust your community. Thank you!

Luxe Observer is your lookout, you are the actors of this GPS of the Luxury world. 

Let it be vibrant, share your emotions, feedback on any improvement, new feature you would love to get,  and  share Luxe Observer only with your good friends,  insiders of deluxe journeys.


We wish you 


Precious moments 

Memorable experiences 

Little and great joys 


Virginie Morin & the Luxolite team

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