Paul Newman's legacy lives on

On the 26th of October, Paul Newman's personal Daytona was sold for a record-breaking $17.75 million, making it the most expensive wristwatch ever sold. 

Ever since news of the watch's consignment to Phillips broke in the Wall Street Journal on June 1, 2017, the watch world has been in high spirits. The sale included collectors, mostly made up of elegant middle-aged men, as well as celebrities, american and italian watch dealers. Some Rolex executives were quite logically found in the exclusive crowd on that night. 

Aurel BACS, the auctioneer, announced that there were 16 registered white "premium" paddles in the room, meaning there were 16 people who were eligible to bid on the Paul Newman Daytona live. 16 additional bidders on the phone with Philips specialists took part in the auction, for a total of 32. 

After a tough battle between phone bidders (no one physically present made a bid after an initial push to $10 million), the watch was finally attributed to an Asian client for $15.5 million, the price jumping up to the final price of $17,752,500 after including buyer’s premium. 

The bright display of preciousness and elegance in which luxury consists in was beautifully shown in the nerve-wracking display of timepieces present during those auction sales, climaxing accordingly with the iconic piece that is the Paul Newman Daytona. 

We hope that you also look forward to future endeavours of the sort!

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