Travelling with the Patrouille de France

This month, the luxe observers voted for a limited edition recently created by ST DUPONT.

Luxe observers chose the travel bag ST DUPONT Patrouille de France by ST DUPONT as the product of the month. 

This limited edition pays tribute to the legendary French  Air Force Acrobatic Team, travelling all over the world to showcase their talents in the air, the fruits of a strong discipline and mastering technique.

It includes a travel bag, a rucksack, a belt, cuflinks and a credit card holder, all pieces renowned for ST DUPONT savoir-faire.

Its design is made of the French ribbon , contrasting with the brown colour of each leather item which is marked with the Patrouille de France badge.

This is certainly the good way to adopt the team spirit and the  aerial acrobatic mood of these talented globe-trotters.

Keep on sharing here your precious experiences to discuss further upon the best places and pieces to enjoy together, that is every month!



Credit photos © ST DUPONT

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