ALASKA AIRLINES | VR headers on 10 Flights

The reality of air travel is that most of us find it long, very long. 

We can feel anxious to travel safely or bored by these numerous hour of flights due to business.

Airline companies are exploring the offerings of virtual reality to enable passengers escape from the reality of long flights.

The past year, Air France has realised tests in partnership with the French-American company Skylights.

Air France is convinced of the need to improve the passengers experience, with offering creative and original solutions. The first tests were conducted on a flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle to St Martin. We sincerely hope that very soon all Air France long-haul flights will offer VR head-phones.

The Australian airline Qantas is also considering this promising experience to passengers. The company has chosen to cooperate with Samsung to enable watching 3D movies as well as to taking virtual tours and experiencing an A380 landing. This experience is limited to first-class passengers flying from Australia to Los Angeles or resting in the first-class lounges of Melbourne and Sidney.

Alaska Airlines is also very recently proposing this VR headphones in partnership with the aforesaid Skylights Company. First-class passengers on ten flights travelling in between Boston – Seattle and Boston – San Diego can watch 2D or 3D movies and explore virtual landscapes.

On the very contrary, for those who definitely cannot travel, the Japanese Company First Airlines offers virtual flights and tours of Paris, New York, Rome and Hawaii while staying in Tokyo!


From real to virtual, we wish you to keep your head in the clouds with stars in your eyes.

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