Must have summer toys for grown up

Lucky you! This month we will not feature one, but four amazing pieces! How is that for a good news?! It’s summer and it means enjoying tanning more than ever and spending days outdoor. Whether you’re still fighting for that summer body you’ve been hoping for, or you’re now just trying to keep it right, we’ve found everything you might need to move, play and stay in shape. That’s the second good news of the day. The third will come when you discover how nice accessories can demonstrate your elegance in exercise!

Want to play the Ping Pong world cup? Louis Vuitton proposes a “James Ping Pong set” to fulfil your needs for high-end outdoor activities. The set is made of two table tennis paddles designed by professionals to make sure you won’t blame the paddle for losing a point. They come with a Louis Vuitton plate at the end of the handle. The set also includes 4 ping pong balls coming in their cleverly designed leather holder and a leather Monogram cover to store and carry the paddles around. The only issue you could face is finding a tennis table which would be a match for this amazing set and a friend who still needs a bit of training!

No friends found? Well, here is what you should do alone. Get yourself a jumping rope and start training. Here again, you’ll have the ability to exercise without compromising the quality of your gears. This time, not only Louis Vuitton but also Berluti both offer exceptionally well-made jumping rope. However, both brands have taken a different approach in crafting them, making them very special.

Louis Vuitton’s “Christophe jump rope” is a grey and black jump rope, with the rope being made of black and white striped braided metal and “eclipse monogram” on the handles.

While Louis Vuitton has opted for the classical design, the rope being connected to the handles at the end of each handle, Berluti has opted for a different design. The rope is connected to the handle by the side with a ball-bearing system to offer optimal comfort while exercising. The Berluti rope is made of durable Venezia leather and the handles are made of wood for the aesthetics, aluminium to ensure the lightness and the harmony of them, leather finish and “Berluti” engraving.

Both jumping ropes come with a transport pouch. No excuse then, you can exercise inside and outside and bring your preferred toy in your luggage!

Not enough? Berluti proposes another product which might catch your eye. Resulting from a partnership with German manufacturer HOCK who also have helped in the creation of the jump rope; chances are, you won’t see more refined, more carefully realised and more exclusive Dumbbells than these. Weighing 4kg each, they have been crafted from the best materials. Aluminium, Venezia leather, the handgrips are made from American walnut wood, there has been no compromise. The whole is assembled in a sophisticated and elegant way, providing superb design deprived of any screws or any joint which could interrupt the harmony of the shape. They could belong in a modern art gallery, but we’d still rather have them in a gym.


Don’t lay in your hammock, discover, enjoy and share your experience with us!

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