The Apex of Zenith

Watch movements rely on harmonic oscillators, among which are pendulums, balances with balance springs, tuning fork timekeepers like the Accutron, and quartz crystals. In such instance, an oscillator is kept in motion by a driving force, which is balanced by a restoring force to produce a natural frequency. 

It is with such a premise that Zenith designed its surprisingly innovative piece called Defy Lab. The particularity of this watch is not only in the presence of original elements (such as silicon) but it is also in the absence of prevalent components, like a balance spring or lever. That is, watches comprising oscillators generally make use of anti-shock and balancing elements. This is not the case with the Zenith Defy Lab that rocks a silicon oscillator with a one-piece unit combining all the functions of typical gears used. The watch is as much of a mechanical wonder as it is beautiful, with 10 initial pieces (already pre-sold) coming in different colours.

 To us, such a piece embodies what precious luxury is. That is, refined craftsmanship, sense of aesthetic and an innovative of compelling materials. Zenith has stated recently that they would release more units for the watch, so be ready, be steady because such a timepiece is worth the effort and money and share your emotion

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